Elbow and Tee Clamp

Elbows are identified by curve, angle or radius. 45 and 90 in short or long versions are the common types but 30 to 60 are also widely in use. The leaks normally occur from the pick of the angel because of higher friction between the fluid and pipe wall.
The best practice for online repair of the section is using split repair sleeves machined as the outer dimension of the elbows. Normally the lengths and dimensions are extracted from the relevant standards tables but in some cases it can be customized to the actual condition of the area.  The concept is a cover up fitting with full line of gasket to encapsulate the surrounding of the fitting. It maintains the seal between the two shells and also between the shells and fitting surface. Compression of the gaskets is due to the balance tension of the bolts of the shells. After perfect installation all mate lines can be seal welded for permanent application.

In Tee the risk are as are in joints. As the joints it selves are in round lines which may cause the weakness of the whole connection, the best solution is to cover the whole branch by a split repair sleeve machined as per Tee outer dimensions equipped with longitudinal and circumferential elastomeric packing. It will not only seal the leak but also reinforce the connection to the optimum level against the operational and structural loads.

The split clamps (Tee Fit) comes as per Tee variation, equal concentricor reducer type. Sizes starts from inch quarter upward. Tee Fits also can be customized as per site limitations like short armed, flange end, skied, etc. Tee Fit can be fitted with DRS option specially for high pressure/Temperature fluid or hazard leaks to provide backup for sealing behavior of the equipment. For pressure rating, material selection, options and design specifications please refer to the