Modular Remedial Clamp

Modular Remedial Clamp (MRC) is an interlocking clamp system to reinforce the corroded pipe wall Pipeline restoration by MRC clamps withstand original operating pressure and expected operating life MRC is a type of new design clamps with modular integrated clamping concept with fit to purpose configurations Adjustable length and interlocking design are almost unique features compare to classic designs which enabling to use familiar clamps in very unfamiliar challenges This modular feature brings considerable saving for installation time and cost, especially in large projects with several installation zones After pipe wall inspection, restoration of wall thin spots on pipeline is the main function to prevent costly leakage or rupture of line, in addition to productivity and profitability of the network The injection facility on MRC Clamps integrate the clamp with pipeline which helps to transfer the loads from the pipeline to the MRC clamps body and act like a protective casing jacket

  • External corrosion
  • Damages caused by external forces and impacts
  • Wall thinning lamination fatigue suspected zones
  • Weld defects
  • Stress Induced zones
  • High risk cross passing areas
Design Objectives

MRC is designed to provide

  1. Less Installation Cost
  2. Length adjustment
  3. Rapid Online treatment on a wide range of pipeline defects
  • Interlocking mechanism for serial clamping
  • Minimum number bolts and nuts
  • Identical modules for ease of order and application
  • low cost installation due to the low weight design and sectional modularity
  • Resin injection inlet and out let ports and plugs
  • Compliant to standard pipeline tolerances
  • Rupture prevention
  • Ovality resistant
  • Anti Buckling
  • Bend resistant
  • Ease of installation since the MRC
    offers symmetric design and straight
    forward bolting sequence unlike regular
    long length clamps
  • No need for skids in installation
    operation unlike regular long length