Needle Clamp

Needle Clamp is a suitable solution for pipes pit holes. Needle Clamp provides sealing for damaged pipe without shutdown or disruption to critical service. Elastomeric seals are of the highest quality, selected for compatibility with the pipeline medium and operating temperature. NBR is standard; other types of sealing such as VITON are available upon application or requisition.

  • It is so light that it can be carried and handled easily by one person.
  • Simple installation, perfect sealing.
  • It does not need any special tools or special preparation

This type of repair is capable of withstanding working pressure of up to 2000 psi. A needle is considered in the top middle of the clamp which guides the tip of the conical seal to enter the corroded area. By tightening the plug (compression screw), rubber compression will be provided to eliminate any possible leakage. The guide pin is a 1/16” diameter stainless steel wire which may be drawn out after installation.