Split Sleeve Clamp

Split Sleeve provide sealing of damaged pipe without shutdown or disruption to critical service. Split Sleeve are widely used to repair a variety of high or low pressure rating class pipelines, including oil, water, gas and petrochemical process. The clamp halves are joined by bolt sto form a high integrity pressure vessel around the damaged or leaking pipe. Sealing is provided by elastomer seals of the highest quality selected for compatibility with the pipeline fluid and operating temperature. Split Sleeve may also be welded after installation to provide a permanent repair. It may be completely seal-welded with pipeline in operation.

This versatile mechanical joint fitting is built to meet the specific requirements of special applications. These Pipe Fits are ideal for installations where strength, weight and continued service are critical. The reduced weight of high strength steel aids in installation and handling as well as decreasing weight load on the pipe. Pipe Fits represents an unusually and side gaskets, designed to accommodate the pipe joint area. Simple method of coupling or repairing straight runs of cracked and severe longitudinal and circumferential breaks on critical service lines which cannot be shut down. This product is made to order for all types and sizes of pipe.

Pipe Fits shall be split mechanical joint, with separate end The fittings shall be constructed of high strength steel based on API spec. 6 H. The  mechanical joint end dimensions shall conform to ASME sectionVIII.