Structural Clamp with Hydraulic Skid

Structural Clampis a split mechanical sleeve is designed for in service to repair a damaged, permanent repair or leaking subsea pipeline. Structural Clamp prevent costly accidents like environmental pollution, stuck pig and line rupture, and reinforcement with retained energizing gripping and sealing system.

Structural Clamp  we supply available in full structural and semi-structural to repair:

  • Semi structural design for pinhole leaks, shallow dents, pipe wall thinning
  • Fully structural design for longitudinal crack, cracked girth welds, kinks, punctures, wide spread corroded areas, localized distributed leaks.


  • Vast range of ratings and sizes
  • Minimal pipe preparation and downtime
  • Fully mechanical
  • Permanent operational life
  • Pigging compliancy
  • Sour service compliant (option)
  • Internal and external protective coating
  • ND tests and full inspection documentation
  • Used Viton elastomeric in circumferential and longitudinal seals as special design.
  • Used special protection sheet to achieve permanently seal.
  • Secondary Seal provided more sealing and safety.
  • Sacrificed anodes sufficient for 20-years design life.
  • Externally coated including external surface with especially marine epoxy andinternal surface with Manganese Phosphate coated.


  • No need t shut down pipeline and only lower operating pressure enough.
  • Length of lateral line is decreased.
  • Can be installed on horizontal and vertical line.
  • Structurally reinforced connection.